Our Mission Statement

“The Right Time at the Right Price to Our Friends Around the World”

    Welcome to our new site we hope you find it easier to use and meets the needs that you – our partners have been requesting, Please drop us a line if there are any further improvements that could be made to make this site more convenient for your use.

                 Kaiser Clock Company prides itself on supplying customers with innovative high quality products at a reasonable price. We have been serving the North American market since 1998. “First to market” is our goal. We offer various products unbranded to allow greater flexibility for our promotional customers to put on whatever logo and art work they may wish to offer their clients.


           Kaiser is a  wholesaler/ manufacturer but recently we have created a feature for  the general public to purchase items from our website.  For retailers and wholesalers as you peruse our site please take notice of the items you are interested in and the quantities requested,  we will be more than happy to work with you to develop a  program that fills your retailing needs. 

And always feel free to leave any questions or concerns that you may have about clocks or this website or time in general so that we can together build a more fulfilling and enjoyable user experience.

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We carry a broad range of parts for the DIY clock maker or clock repairers.

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Whatever your program may be we can develop a program to suit your current or future needs.

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If you have an item beyond the warranty period and are not comfortable with DIY repairs we can fix your item for a set fee.