Our Mission Statement

“The Right Time at the Right Price to Our Friends Around the World”


Step into the world of Kaiser Clock Company’s brand-new site! Get ready for an experience that’s not just user-friendly but also tailor-made to meet the needs of our cherished partners. Take a moment to explore the innovative features, and if you have any thoughts on how we can elevate your experience even more, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Your feedback is not just appreciated; it’s the secret ingredient helping us craft a site that’s not just convenient but a true delight for you.

At Kaiser Clock Company, we don’t just sell clocks; we offer a symphony of innovation and high-quality craftsmanship at prices that make sense. Since our inception in 1998, we’ve embraced the spirit of being the trailblazers, always the “first to market” with our exceptional offerings. Dive into our range of unbranded products, giving our promotional customers the freedom to add their unique touch with logos and artwork for their clients.

While our roots are in wholesaling and manufacturing, we’re thrilled to unveil a new feature—allowing the general public to make direct purchases from our website. Retailers and wholesalers, as you navigate through our site, keep an eye out for items that catch your interest and the quantities you desire. We’re more than ready to collaborate and tailor a program that perfectly aligns with your retailing needs.

Questions about clocks? Concerns about our website or time in general? We’re all ears! Your questions and insights are the magic that helps us create a user experience that’s not just fulfilling but downright enjoyable. Thank you for choosing Kaiser Clock Company, where we blend quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction into every tick and tock.

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We carry a broad range of parts for the DIY clock maker or clock repairers.


Whatever your program may be we can develop a program to suit your current or future needs.


If you have an item beyond the warranty period and are not comfortable with DIY repairs we can fix your item for a set fee.