Wooden Wall Clocks

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A Program or product to Fit everyones Need

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6001p 139x300 - Past and present products

A wide variety of time pieces to suit your requirements

Regardless of the style or function you are looking for in a timepiece we have a wide variety of styles to suit every need. Please refer to our shop section for current styles and models that are available 


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Our Collection

We offer a wide range of clocks for various purposes both utilitarian and aesthetic.

While only the timepieces on our shop page are currently for sale or will be stocked in the near future, if there is something that catches your interest below please tell us. In the future we may carry it if there is enough general interest to make a production run.

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Mantel Clocks

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Waterproof Clocks

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Cuckoo Clocks

Innovative Concepts

We are happy to work on any special projects you may have.. Just contact us with your concept and we will see if we can work together on developing truly inspiring program to meet your goals.


0 1 341 341 AD 630E1A - Past and present productsCard Clocks

Model Number # AD 630


 43.5 X 43.5 X 16 cm

A large calendar clock . This clock is generally for commercial applications but can be for home office use as well. The day and the date run  on a card system the date on this item only needs to be changed on leap years since there is 29 days in February… The card motors are powered by 2 D cell batteries and the time is powered by one AA battery.

6001p e1513049242258 139x300 - Past and present products

Wooden Pendulem Clocks

Model Number # 6001P


27.5  x 62.5 x 9 cm

Clean lines with a modern yet classical look.  With a large area behind the pendulum to affix an anniversary  plague or name plate, this clock is a favorite for engraving projects. THis clock comes in a walnut finish.

q0207 300x300 - Past and present products

Digital Analogue Clocks

Model Number # Q207


38.5. x 37 x 7 cm

 Digital Day Date clock with sweep hand movement and digital day date function. Digital display switches between time and date every 60 seconds. Digital display can show 12 or 24 hour time. Powered by 2 AA batteries.