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Customers often ask us about specific problems with thier clocks. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, don’t worry; simply call a member of our team at 604-782-5742  or email us at kaiserclockco@aol.com with your questions. We promise to have your answer within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.

  1. My clock doesn’t Cuckoo at the right time?

    This is a common problem if someone plays with the hands or pushes them back rather then forward. To solve this problem first:

    1. Advance the minute hand very slowly until you here a click noise (take the batteries out first). The clock has an automatic trigger at 12 pm.

    2. Then take off both sets of hands and place them in line at 12 pm.

    3. Advance the minute hand to 1 very slowly if you hear a click exactly at 1 then you have set the hands correctly.

    4. If not repeat the procedures above until it clicks at right time then reinstall the batteries,


  1. My Clock doesn’t Cuckoo anymore?

    This is usually caused when  1. nightsensor is covered or the clock is in a dark location (it is activated by light that hits the little button on the bottom of the dial. 2. the on off switch is off- please refer to the instruction sheet in the picture below.


    KW703 1 1 - FAQ
  2. Do you offer replacement parts?

    Yes! We offer a wide-variety of replacement parts as our parts have a fairly standard layout. Many of our quartz movements will fit other clocks even if they are not OEM. Please contact us by mail or phone to outline your specific needs .

  3. Can I replace the movement myself?

    Our cuckoo movements are fairly easy to change so for those with paitence and a minimal level of mechanical ability, changing the movement is not difficult,. However some parts are fairly small so with more complicated operations such as changing the voice box you may want to seek a watch or clock repairmen to assit in the operation. As a worst case scenario if your clock is out of warranty we can, for a minimal fee do the repair for you (shipping charges not included) , 

  4. How do I make payments?

    We will accept payment via check, PayPal, or a major credit card hopefully in February.

  5. Do I have a warranty on my repair?

    Your clock parts that have been replaced are warrantied for a year from the date of repair.

  6. Do you offer products for sale online?

    Yes! We have various offerings on our store here as well as at other etailers in the future please check back in the spring when this feature will be added.

  7. I am a wholesaler or wish to order a volume of product is there a discount?

    Yes we offer discounts on volume sales and case rates for people looking to offer a promotion of some type (ex. annniversary or wedding gifts engravers!)

  8. What currency are the prices quoted in? What about shipping rates?

    All our prices are quoted in USD and shipping rates apply to continental North America. For customers outside of North America rates will be quoted individually. We have a flat rate of 25 dollars USD for orders under 200 dollars. *all prices are quoted in USD.