In order to assist all of you who are making do it yourself repairs we have now posted a series of videos available on YouTube. The videos can be reached by clicking the links below or on our whats new page or by accessing the videos directly on our Facebook link. Of course if the videos are unclear or you need further assistance please feel free to contact us here we are happy to assist you,. 


The Links


1 thought on “Installation Videos are now available for viewing on Youtube

  1. Thank you so much for posting these self help videos. The one I watched was the timepiece removal and installation. After watching it I got inspired to fix my broken Kaiser cuckoo clock. It had suffered bad damage to the timepiece movement after a bad battery leak. It had stopped working altogether and I thought I was going to have to bin it. However after watching this video and emailing a very helpful Kurt at kaiser clock in Canada I was able to get my clock working again with a new movement.
    The postage was expensive from Canada to Northern Ireland but it was well worth it to get my Kaiser cuckoo clock working again.

    Thanks again.. Owen.

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